"Not in the course catalog" letter by Erik
Hi there, thanks for posting my "College Story" as it is now being
called.  I was flattered to find it being reposted on other sites

I had someone ask me, "What happened to Jess?"  For those of you who did
not read the first story, I had tied up Mandy and her roomate.  After
Mandy and I had sex, I left Jess tied up and Mandy & I went out for
breakfast.  For those with safety concerns, Jess knew she could speed
dial the security desk using her phone (which is how Mandy and I met).
When we came back, I was going to untie her, but when I took off her gag 
she asked me to let me call her boyfriend.  I dialed the number and held 
the phone for her while she asked him to come over.  I must admit that 
holding the phone while a tied up girl talked into it was really fun, as 
I have seen it in countless "kidnap" movies and TV. 

Mandy and I then went out and left Jess tied up and re-gagged for her 
boyfriend to find in the room.  We left the door unlocked so he could 
get in, further complicating poor Jess' plight with the threat of 

Unfortunately, Mandy and I have parted, since the school year ended.  
She has gone home for the summer, and I don't know if I'll see her when 
she comes back.  

Recently, I had another adventure in the workplace, but this time I was 
off-duty.  It's not exactly self-bondage, but it was a lot of fun. 

It's June now, and school's out.  Two of the three dorms on campus are 
completely empty.  Recently, the possibility of playing in an empty 
building had been intriguing me, so I decided to act. 

A friend of mine who is into D/s called me about a week ago and said she 
met this woman who has a cop fetish.  She immediately thought of me.  I 
got in touch with this girl, Sherry, and found out she is a nurse who 
works the night shift.  Perfect for me, because I do too.

I met with Sherry and decided she was sane enough to play with.  We 
talked at length about kidnapping and abduction fantasies.  

I am off on Wednesdays so I asked Sherry to come meet me on campus.  Our 
campus has a big park in the middle of it, and I asked her to meet me
there.  I showed up early, and made some preparations. 

Right on time, I saw her park her car and sit down on a park bench.  She 
was wearing a black minidress with a very short skirt.  It was 12:30 AM, 
after midnight.  I walked out to where she was sitting.  

"Are you Sherry M-------?" I asked her. 

"Yes." she said, nodding. 

I showed her my badge (I was in plainclothes, as I was off duty.).  "I 
have a warrant for your arrest." I told her. 

She began to protest, saying it was a mistake, but I stood her up and 
handcuffed her hands behind her back.  I then took her to one of the 
empty dorms.  

"Aren't you going to take me to jail?" she asked as we went into the 

"Maybe we can make a deal." I suggested. 

"What are you going to do to me?" she sounded scared. 

I took a roll of gauze from my pocket and stuffed it into her mouth.  
Then I took an Ace bandage from my pocket and wrapped it around her
mouth and her eyes.  

She was playing the role great, crying and struggling.  I half-carried 
her to the elevator and took her up to the top floor.  Using my master 
key, I let us into an empty room I had prepared earlier.   

I took off the bandages.  "Scream all you want." I taunted her.  "We're 
on the 11th floor, and the entire building is empty."    

"Let me go!" she shreiked.  I just shook my head.  I pulled the top of 
her dress down.  She was wearing a white lace bra.  I pinched her 
nipples and manhandled her.  She was getting very hot!

I took off her cuffs long enough to strip her naked.  Then I cuffed her 
hands in front.  I put a leather restraint belt around her waist and 
attached it to her handcuffs.  Then I put a pair of leg irons on her and 
connected them to the belt with a chain.  She could take small steps, 
but her hands could not move above or below her waist.  

I went into the kitchen and set out a sports bottle full of Gatorade,
which had a straw in it.  "You can drink this." I told her.  "There's 
the bathroom."  I pointed.  "I'll be back later.  Nobody knows you are 
here.  If you scream, nobody will hear you.  You're mine until I let you 
go...if I let you go."  

I showed her the door.  "The deadbolt is higher than you can reach with
your hands cuffed, so there is no escape.  I'll see you later."  With 
that, I left the room and locked the door.  

What Sherry didn't know was that I had rigged one of our surveilance 
cameras in the ceiling.  I went down the hall to another room where I 
had set up the monitor, and watched.  

She shuffled around the room, hindered by her bonds.  She tried first to 
reach the deadbolt, but she couldn't, even on tiptoes.  She then went 
into the bathroom for a moment, then came back out and went into the 
kitchen.  After a couple of minutes, she came back into the main room.  

I was having a good time watching her, but I wasn't sure what to do 
next.  I wanted to go in there and ravage her, but I also wanted to draw 
the situation out.  

"ERIK!" she yelled suddenly.  The camera also has a microphone on it, 
but she didn't know that.  

"ERIK!" she yelled again.

She sank to the floor and sat there, then began to struggle with her 
chains.  The sound of the chains jangling and the sight of her writhing 
was wonderful, to say the least. 

"ERIK!" she screamed.  "HELP!"

I decided to put her in her place.  I went back to the room and opened 
the door.  

She was stuggling against the chains, trying to stand back up.  "Erik, 
let me go, I'll do anything." 

We had previously negotiated a safe word, and this was not it.  "You 
asked for it, bitch, and now you're going to have to deal with the 
consequenses."  I told her, trying to sound threatening. 

"Please, Erik." she cried.  

I picked up the Ace bandage and moved towards her.  She struggled, 
whipping her head around until I caught it.  Then she clamped her mouth 
shut.  I twisted one of her nipples, and when she cried out, I gagged 
her tightly, winding the bandage several times around her head. 

"That should keep you quiet." I said.  

I stood her up and unlocked the cuffs on her wrists.  She reached 
immediately for her gag, and I pinned her arms behind her back.  

I mentioned earlier I had prepared the room.  I had emptied my toybag 
into the dresser.  I pulled a 10' length of rope from the top drawer and 
tied her wrists behind her back.  I then forced her facedown on the bed.
I unlocked her ankles and she started kicking.  I tied each ankle to the 
foot of the bed.  

I know I had planned on drawing things out, but she was really fiesty, 
and I wanted to take it out of her.  I went to the dresser and found 
what I wanted.  

I buckled a collar around her neck and tied it to the head of the bed 
with more rope.  Now, she could not turn over or sit up.  Then I began 
to apply K-Y jelly to her ass.  I made it a point not to touch her 

"You know what's coming, don't you?" I taunted her. 

She struggled, moaning thru the gag.  

I took off her gag.  "Please." she begged.  

"Please what?" I asked. 

"Please, please don't." she cried.  

"Please, don't, what?" I asked. 

"Please don't do that." she whimpered. 

"Please, don't, do, what?" I asked.  

"Fuck my ass." she cried. 

"Say it." I ordered.  "Beg for me and maybe I won't." 

"Please don't fuck my ass." she sobbed.  

"You're not in any position to bargain." I told her.  

"Please don't." she begged. 

"Last chance." by saying this, I was inviting her to use her safeword.  
"Please don't!  I'll do anything but that, please, no!" she cried. 

No safeword.  I gagged her again.

She began to scream, and let me tell you, there is nothing like anal sex 
with a woman who is bound and screaming through a gag.  After I was done 
with her, I took off the gag again.

"You fucker!" she swore.  

"I guess that is accurate." I laughed.  "Well, Sherry, I tell you what.  
You lay here, tied up, and concentrate on how you feel.  I bet your ass 
hurts.  I bet you can feel my cum dripping out of you."

"Fuck you!" she screamed.  

I got dressed and left without a word.  In the other room, I relaxed and 
watched her on the camera.  I checked my watch.  It was only 2:00 AM, 
Thursday, and I didn't have to work until Saturday.  I could keep her 
even while I worked, I thought.  After all, I work here.  

I wondered if she was thinking the same thing.  
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