I Did Self Bondage
I did Self Bondage Here's what I did for my self bondage.

A few hours previous to this, I had placed a key in a cup of water in the freezer compartment of the fridge.
Part of the fun of being in bondage is what I'm wearing. So before I tied myself up this is what I put on in the following order:
  • 5 panties
  • 7 pantyhose
  • 2 girdles
  • 1 garterbelt
  • 1 pair of stockings
  • 4 bras
  • 1 pull over top
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 pair of heels
After I was appropiately dressed, I tied my ankles together, and then I tied a rope around my waist with the knot in front and plenty of slack on the ends for me to tie my wrists to.
Next I put a ball gag in my mouth and tied it behind my head.
Then I tied my wrists to the ends of the rope that went around my waist. I left enough slack on the ends so that my wrists would reach around my back so that I could lock my wrists together.
Next I sat down on the bed with me sitting on my ankles, and tied a rope from my ankles up to the rope that was around my waist and pulled it tight so that my legs couldn't be straightened out to stand.
Next I took the lock and forced the hook of it through the ropes on each of my wrists and before I snapped it shut, I placed the roped that went down from my waist to my ankles inside the lock.
Then SNAP. I then allowed myself to fall face down onto my bed. Imediately I was in a predictament of being unable to escape. My excitement level rose very fast and I was very sexually aroused.

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