College Story by Erik
Hi there.  I really like your site.

Being a bondage practitioner for several years now, it never ceases to
amaze me how the damnedest things can happen.  This is a story of
something that happened to me..

I currently hold several jobs, all in law enforcement.  Iím a part-time
Police Officer, Iím an MP in the Army National Guard, and I work for a
small college security department.  I often notice how I am stared at
while Iím on duty.  I attribute this to a common uniform fetish that
many people have.  I work hard at staying fit, and I think uniforms suit
me well.  Whichever one I am wearing, I like looking good, because a
professional appearance helps me do my job.

At the college, we have students act as dispatchers.  One of these
students is a freshman who Iíll call Mandy.  Mandy is cute, but not in a
supermodel sort of way.  In fact, she wears glasses and also has
braces.  Still, she is very cute, and she has always been friendly and
even flirtatious.  There is about a ten year difference in our ages,
but, working on a college campus, you see a lot of these "crushes" come
and go.  Anyway, I was attracted to her, but my shyness at being older,
combined with my "deviant" sexuality (bondage) kept me in check.

One night, I was working the midnight to eight shift on a Sunday night,
by myself.  This is a real boring night, without a lot of activity.
Most students go to bed early because they have classes the next day.
On this particular night, it was raining, which seems to keep transients
and car thieves away.

Iím driving my patrol car around the campus, and I get a radio call from
dispatch around 3:30 am..  The guy working says, "I got a call from
Mandyís room (our dispatch system has caller ID).  I could hear someone
on the line, then it went dead."  I drove over to the dorms to check it

At this point, I was a little concerned because I really care about
these students, especially girls like Mandy.  You never know what kind
of idiot is going to sneak into the dorms.  I took the elevator up to
her floor and knocked on her door.  There was no answer.

"Mandy, itís Erik." I said, knocking harder.  I heard a thump, then a
muffled cry.  "Mandy, is everything all right?" I asked.  No answer.
Worried, I drew my gun, I took my master key and opened the door.

Mandy was lying on the floor, completely naked except for a pair of
white panties.  Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, and her
ankles were tied with a belt.  A red ballgag was in her mouth.  She
looked up at me and groaned through the gag.

 Now, an ordinary guy might have been alarmed, but I know that crooks
donít use ballgags on their victims. I looked up and down the hall, and
didnít see anyone.  I holstered my gun and closed the door.  Kneeling, I
unbuckled the gag.  "Are you OK?" I asked.

"Yeah." she looked very embarrassed, and a little frightened.  "What
happened?" I asked, reaching for my cuff keys.

"I tied myself up, and couldnít get loose, so I knocked the phone on the
floor.í She said as I freed her hands.  She immediately covered her bare
breasts.  "I hit the speed dial for security.  I knew even if I didnít
say anything they would send someone."  She bent forward and undid the
belt around her ankles.

"Well, I guess you are OK now, then."  I didnít know what else to say.
I was very aroused, and I had a raging hard-on.  But I didnít want to be
too presumptuous.  I mean, just because we are both into bondage didnít
give me any rights to her.  I stood up and looked away.

She grabbed a bathrobe which was hanging on her closet door and put it
on.  "I just wanted to know what it felt like."  She looked very upset.
"You wonít tell anyone, will you?"

"No, Mandy." I said, trying to reassure her.  "I wonít tell.  I do this,
too."  The minute I said it, I wanted to erase it.  Here I am, coming
out to this girl I barely know.  If word about this got out, I could
lose my job, my reputation, my career.

Her face brightened.  "You do?" she asked.  "What do you do?"

"I tie myself up." I stammered, turning away, I tried not to look at
her.  "I like to tie women up.  I like them to tie me up."  I had not
revealed this to anyone for a long time, and it was very awkward.

"My roommate has this magazine."  She went to her roommateís bed,
reached under the mattress, and pulled out a copy of a Harmony mag.  "I
found it and I know?"

"You got curious." I nodded.  Picking up the cuffs, I examined them.
Police issue, just like mine.  "Where did you get the toys?"  I asked.

She told me the name of an adult bookstore where she got the gag.  The
cuffs were her roommateís.   "You know," I offered, "there are a lot of
guys who would love to meet a woman like you."

Just then, my radio crackled.  The dispatcher wanted to know if
everything was OK.  I radioed back and said everything was fine, that
she had knocked the phone over and hit speed dial by accident.

"What about you, Erik?" she asked.

I was dumfounded.  "Sorry?" I asked, not understanding.

"What about you?  Do you have someone you tie up?" she asked.

I shook my head.  "Not right now."

Her face took on a conspiratorial expression.  "I like you, Erik.  I
trust you."  she seemed a little embarrassed at her own excitement.  "Do
you understand what I need?"

"I think so." I sat on the edge of her bed.  "Wanting to be tied up can
be real frustrating,  because itís something that is hard to do to

"But you could..." she trailed off.  "Do you find me attractive?" she
asked.  She came over and sat down beside me, letting the robe fall

"Yes, Mandy, I do, but..."

"But what?" she cut me off.  "You think I am just a girl." she accused.
"I know what I am doing, you know." all of the sudden, she put her and
in my lap.  "I saw this right away."

I tensed as my cock jumped at her touch, trying to push through my
uniform pants.  "Mandy, I donít think you should do that." I said,
trying to control myself.

"Make me." she taunted, stroking me now.  "Arrest me, Officer."

I stood up, and she grabbed me around the waist.  I broke free and
grabbed her wrist.  Her robe fell completely open, revealing her
breasts.  I spun her around, grabbing the back of the robeís collar, and
pulled it down, pinning her arms.  She backed against me, rubbing her
ass against my hard-on.  I pushed her into the bed, and she fell across
it.  I grabbed my cuffs and snapped them on, securing her wrists behind
her back.  She moaned and struggled a moment.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, excited.  "Tie my legs."  she
begged.  "Gag me."

I couldnít help but laugh.  I had fantasized about this for a long time,
but now that it was actually happening, it sounded so contrived.  "You
need some ropes." I said.  "I think you would like them more than the

"Jessieís closet."  she said.  "She has a million of them."

I opened the closet door and found several neatly coiled lengths of
ľ"clothesline on the floor.  I tried to remember if I knew who Jessie
was, but my mind drew a blank.  I took the ropes and sorted them by
length.  There were two fifty foot coils, and four ten foot.

I took the cuffs off her.  "You want the robe on or off?" I asked.  "If
you leave it on, it will  be hard to work around."

She slipped out of it and tossed it across the room.  To my surprise,
she pulled off her panties and tossed them aside as well.  She spread
her legs a moment, then brought them together.  She was truly a sight,
this nude girl, squirming in anticipation of being tied up.

I told her to cross her wrists behind her back.  I tied them together
with a 10-foot length.  "Youíre right." she said.  "I like this more
than the cuffs already."

I asked her if I could touch her breasts.  "What do you want to do?" she
asked.  "I want to tie them up." I told her.  "I think you will like

"Whatever you want." she tested the bonds on her wrists.  "Iím

I took one of the 50-foot lengths and tied her breasts in a Japanese
Shinju harness.  The ropes went above and below here breasts, then over
her shoulders where I tied them to her wrists.  When she struggled, the
ropes pulled tight.

"That feels good." she sighed.

I told her to lie on the bed, and bound her ankles, calves, and thighs
together.  Then I bent her knees and tied her ankles to her wrists in a
hog-tie.  "How does that feel?" I asked.

"Oh god, Erik I am sooo wet!" she cried.  She struggled, rolling back
and forth, trying to free herself.

I found the ballgag and held it up.  "Any last words?" I quipped.

"Do I have a choice?" she giggled.

"Guess not." I laughed.  "Open wide." She opened her mouth and a I
buckled the gag on.  I sat back a moment, wondering what to do.  I had
this lovely 19-year old tied up, naked and helpless, gagged, just the
way I had always wanted her.  But we hadnít talked about what I could do
to her once she was tied up.

"I think this is where I came in." I said.  I then replaced her phone,
shut off the lights and left the room.  It was 4:30 AM.  I had to unlock
doors at 5.

Once I had the campus unlocked, I found a phone and dialed Mandyís room
number.  I thought she may have escaped.  A woman answered.  "Mandy?" I

"No, this is Jess." she sounded sleepy.

"Iím sorry, Jess.  Did I wake you?"
"No, I just got in from seeing my boyfriend." she said.  "Who is this?"

I paused.  I couldnít exactly tell her who I was.  Then I remembered
that Mandy worked for my department.  Calling her room would not be
unusual.  "This is Erik from security.  I wanted to ask Mandy if she
could work dispatch this morning."

I heard Jess cup her hand over the phone.  "Itís Erik from security, he
wants you to work."  I heard her say.  I didnít hear the answer, but
Jess laughed.

"Erik, she says to tell you she is too tied up to work today."  Jess
giggled.  "But maybe you should check on her later."

"Okay." I replied, wondering what was going on, if Jess had come home
and found her roommate tied up.  "I get off at eight, though."

"Mandy says she would like you to check on her after you get off duty."
Jess laughed.  "And I was wondering if you could check on me sometime."

I almost dropped the phone.  "No problem." I laughed.  "Please let Mandy
know Iíll see her at eight."

"Okay." Jess laughed, and hung up the phone.

I spent the rest of my shift going nuts.  What had happened when Jess
came home?  What had Mandy told her?  Something was going on for sure.

When the day shift guy came in, I tried to be nonchalant.  I passed on
all of the eveningís info and we made some small talk.  Then I grabbed
my gear bag and went down to my car.

I couldnít just walk into the dorms.  In my uniform, I was too
noticeable.  If I got seen in the dorms off duty, people would ask
questions.  I drove home, which, fortunately, was not very far.  I
changed into some casual clothes and then went back to campus.

The fire exit of the dorm uses a proximity card to open.  Each officer
is issued one to use while they are on rounds.  I used my card to go in
the back entrance so nobody would see me.  I then took the stairs to
Mandyís floor and went to her room.

I knocked on the door, and Jess opened it.  She was tall and thin, with
short, blonde hair.  She was very cute, wearing a tank top and a
stretchy miniskirt.  She didnít appear to have a bra on.  "Youíre late."
she laughed, inviting me in.

I stepped into the room.  Mandy was tied spread-eagle on her bed, still
naked.  She looked over and saw me, smiling around her gag.

"I came home from my date this morning and found someone had been
playing with my toys."  Jess explained.  "I hope you donít mind I took
the liberty of re-arranging her."
"No, I donít." I felt light-headed.  This was so weird.  "Does she?" I

"We had a long talk." Jess smiled.   "She talks about you all the time.
She steals my vibrator and uses it on herself, pretending itís you.
Donít you, dear?"

Mandy just moaned thru the gag.

"Sheís soaked right now, and sheís all yours." Jess said.  "Thereís
condoms in her top dresser drawer."

"What about you?"  I asked.  "I mean, youíre here, and..." I didnít know
how to ask her to leave, because I didnít feel I had a right to.  After
all, it was her room, too.  But I wanted to be alone with Mandy.

Jess picked up a coil of rope and dropped it at my feet.  She suddenly
looked scared.  "Oh my god!" she cried.  "You tied up Mandy!  Please
donít hurt me!"

Taking this cue, I picked up the rope.  "Turn around." I said.

"I wonít tell anyone." she cried.  "Please, donít hurt me." She turned
around, crossing her wrists behind her back.  I tied them together.
"Please donít rape us." she begged mockingly.

I pushed her down on her bed and tied her ankles together with another
piece of rope.  "Iíll scream for help." she threatened.

I pulled the pillowcase off her pillow and tied it over her mouth,
cleave-gagging her.  She moaned as I pulled up her ankles and hogtied

"Is this what you want, Jess?" I asked.  "To be tied up while I fuck
your roommate?"

Jess moaned in the gag and nodded vigorously.

I stripped off my clothes.  I could barely contain myself.  I found a
box of condoms in the dresser, right where Jess said they would be.  I
rolled one on and climbed onto Mandyís bed.  "You want this?" I
whispered in her ear. She nodded.

 I reached down and felt her slit.  Jess wasnít kidding, she was
soaking.  I looked over at Jess, who was staring at us.  There is
something about a gagged woman that really sets off her eyes.

I had my way with Mandy until we were both spent.  When we were done,
she startled me by crying.  I untied her and took off the gag.  "That
was incredible." she sobbed in my arms.  "I canít tell you how long I
wanted this."  I just held her and stroked her long hair gently.

After a while, I looked over at Jess.  She was still staring at us.

"I have the day off." I told Mandy.  "What should we do with Jess?"

"Leave her." Mandy laughed.  "Itís payback time, sweetie." she said to
her bound friend.  Jess moaned in protest and struggled, but the ropes
held her fast.

"Take me to breakfast?" Mandy asked.

We went to breakfast, leaving Jess tied up.  After we ate, I dropped
Mandy off at the dorm, giving her my home phone number.

Since then, I have been seeing Mandy in secret.  She will be going home
for the summer soon, and all I can do is hope she comes back.
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