"Naughty Games" 7
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                       Naughty Games
                       by F. M. Hazer

                Chapter 7: Teacher's Surprise

It  was  now 5:42 in the afternoon and Miss Edwards was nearly 45
minutes  late  as  she  reached  Amy's  front door. An unexpected
teachers meeting was called just minutes before she was to leave.
She  tried to call Amy at 4:30 to tell her that she'd be late but
there was no answer. She was concerned because Amy had stopped by
her  office  after  school  at  3:30 to confirm that Miss Edwards
would  definitely  coming to her home at 5:00. The front door was
locked. As she reached into her purse for the key, she remembered
that  Amy  made  sure  that  she  would bring the house key. Miss
Edwards  opened  the door, went inside and locked the door behind
her.  She  did  not  see  Amy anywhere. She called out but got no
answer.  She  then  noticed  the  type written note laying on the
table in the foyer. She read the note. It said

     Amy is waiting for you in the exercise room.


Miss Edwards was somewhat confused since Amy' big sister Judy was
not supposed to be home until at least 9;00 that evening.

Miss  Edwards  went downstairs to the exercise room. The door was
closed.  She  opened  the  door  and walked inside. Her eyes grew
large  when  she saw the scene that greeted her. In the center of
the  room was a low wooden table, about 30 cm. high and about one
meter  square.  The  table had been covered with a soft carpeting
material.  A  naked  Amy  was kneeling on the table with her back
side  aimed directly at the door. Her legs were spread wide apart
and  her ankles were secured by strips of Velcro to O-rings which
had  been  bolted  to  the  top  of  the  table. Amy's knees were
similarly  secured  wide  apart. She was bent forward and had her
head  out  of sight. Her posture had the effect of fully exposing
Amy's  vagina,  clitoris and rectum to whomever entered the room.
Miss Edwards had to walk around to the side of the table to fully
grasp  the  spectacle.  The leather belt restraints were on Amy's
wrists.   A  similar  belt  was  around  Amy's  neck.  All  three
restraints  were  locked together with the familiar padlock which
also  passed through an O-ring which was bolted to the top of the
table  near  the  center. The effect was to render Amy completely
helpless. She couldn't use her hands nor lift her head up off the
table.  In fact, her head was held so close to the table that she
had  to  rub  her nose across the carpeting to move her head from
one  side  to  the  other. Miss Edwards saw that Amy had a rubber
ball stuffed into her mouth, secured with a scarf tied around her
head.  Thus,  Amy  was  forced  to stay in that obscene position,
helpless  and mute, while exhibiting her most intimate body parts
to  whomever  entered  the  room. Amy looked at Miss Edwards with
apprehension in her eyes.

Miss  Edwards  then  noticed the 60 cm. length of bamboo that was
laying directly below Amy's clit between her spread legs. The rod
was  about  seven  mm.  in  diameter.  On  top  of  the rod was a
handwritten note. She picked up the note and read:

     Dear Miss Edwards,

     Amy  has been a very naughty girl. I caught her playing with 
     herself while she was reading a filthy book.  She knows that
     nice  girls  don't  do things like that. She also knows what
     happens to naughty girls, they get canned!

     Unfortunately, I have to go to a meeting right now and don't 
     have  the  time.  Would you be a dear and please do me a big
     favor? Give Amy a good thrashing?



     P.S. I won't be home until after 9:00 PM.

Miss  Edwards  heart  was pounding. She had a stab of fear as she
realized  that  Judy  might  know about Miss Edwards' secrete and
expose  her.  She looked at the note again and the truth suddenly
struck her when she recognized the handwriting, it was Amy's! Amy
was playing a naughty game. Except that this naughty game was one
of Miss Edwards favorite fantasies that she had told Amy about.

Miss Edwards looked closely at Amy's bondage with wonder. Amy had
bound  herself  into  that  obscene  position.  Miss Edwards also
realized  that  only  she had the key, the golden, key, to unlock
Amy.  Miss  Edwards  looked  at the clock on the wall, it was now
5:57.  Miss  Edwards  now understood why there was no answer when
she  tried  to  call  at 4:30. Amy had already bound herself. She
obviously  wanted  to  enjoy  her self bondage for a while before
Miss  Edwards  arrived.  It  must  have been very frustrating and
frightening  for  her  when  the phone rang and she was unable to
answer it. It could have been her sister who would have come home
to  see  what  was wrong when no one answered. Poor Amy must have
really been in a frightful state of mind when no one showed up at
5:00.   Every   minute  after  5:00  must  have  added  to  Amy's

Miss  Edwards  picked up the cane. She swung it through the air a
couple  of times as it made a nice whistling sound. She could see
Amy's hips flinch from the sound of the cane. Miss Edwards felt a
flush  of  energy  surge  through her vagina. She looked at Amy's
beautifully  exposed  labial  lips  and saw the telltale moisture
within. Miss Edwards was overcome with a mixture of emotions. She
realized  that Amy had placed her complete trust in Miss Edwards'
hands.  With  Amy's  bottom  so  completely exposed and her mouth
gagged, she could cause Amy a lot a real pain and damage with the
cane  and  Amy couldn't speak the code word for her to stop. Miss
Edwards  realized  that Amy held no resentment toward her because
of  the  real pain she had previously caused to Amy's breast with
her whip. The position that Amy had locked herself in showed that
she  had  complete  trust  in  Miss  Edwards. Amy knows that Miss
Edwards  would never really hurt her. Miss Edwards felt true love
for  her  helplessly bound young lover. She wanted to drop to her
knees  behind Amy and kiss and lick those moist lips that were so
prominently on display.

However,  that  would have to wait until later. Amy had gone to a
lot of trouble to arrange this naughty game for her teacher. Miss
Edwards would play it out, not just for Amy's carnal desires, but
because  Miss  Edwards  was  now  consumed with burning lust. She
wanted to cane Amy!

As  Miss Edwards walked around to Amy's left side, she could feel
that  her  underpants  were now soaking wet. She said "So, you've
been  a  very naughty girl." Miss Edwards was testing the cane by
tapping  it  into  her left. She was trying to determine just how
hard  to  strike  to give Amy the maximum stimulation that she so
much  desired  without  causing  her  real  pain.  "You know what
happens  to naughty girls, don't you?" She said. Amy's bottom was
squirming  as Miss Edwards pressed the cane to the plumpest part,
measured  the correct distance to stand, pulled the cane back and
delivered a smart cut.

Amy gasped, and wiggled obscenely as she tested the limits of her
bondage.  Miss  Edwards watched the welt develop on Amy's bottom.
After  the  welt  had  grown to is maximum, Amy started breathing
again  in  a  heavy  labored manner. Amy had her forehead pressed
down on the soft carpeting with her eyes closed. Since Amy wasn't
trying  to  scream  through  her gag or look at Miss Edwards with
pleading  eyes,  Miss  Edwards judged that the cut must have been
satisfactory.  Miss  Edwards  placed the cane to Amy's bottom and
struck   again.   Amy   again  wiggled  her  bottom  against  the
restraints.  Miss Edwards would wait each time until the wiggling
stopped  before  delivering  the  next  cut.  After  Amy  had six
strokes,  Miss  Edwards walked behind Amy for a close inspection.
She  admired the six parallel welts. She noticed that there was a
drop  of  goo  on the carpeting of the table directly below Amy's
clit.  She  looked closely at Amy's vagina and could see that the
child  was  so  wet than that the slime was running down past her
clit  and  dripping  off  of her curly blond pubic hairs. Amy was
obviously enjoying their naughty game!

Miss Edwards walked back to the left of Amy's head. She still had
her  forehead  pressed  down  on  the  carpeting and had her eyes
closed. She was breathing heavily. Miss Edwards removed the scarf
and  Amy's  ball gag and said "Well, is the naughty girl learning
her  lesson?" Amy looked at Miss Edwards and said "Oh please Miss
Edwards,  don't cane me any more. I'll be good, I promise I'll be
REAL  good. I'll do ANYTHING!" Miss Edwards could feel her orgasm
blooming.  Amy had used the code word "anything" which meant that
she  was  enjoying  the  naughty  game  but  wanted to be spanked
harder.  Miss Edwards said "Sorry, but we're only half way done."
Amy  let  out  a groan. Miss Edwards wasn't sure if it was a mock
plea  or sigh of masochistic pleasure. Miss Edwards said, "I need
to  get  out  of  these clothes. They inhabit my swing." That was
only  an  excuse;  Amy preferred that her mistress be naked while
being whipped. Miss Edwards unzipped her dress and pulled it off.
She  let  it lay on the floor. She unfastened her bra and removed
it.  She  then  caressed her breasts with both hands and squeezed
her nipples. She kicked off her shoes, pulled down her panty hose
and stepped out of them.

Amy  noticed  the  obvious  wetness in the crotch of her panties.
Miss  Edwards  hooked  her  thumbs into the waist of her panties,
pulled  them  down  and stepped out of them. Miss Edwards was now
stark  naked  except  for  the  golden key which hung on the gold
chain  between  her  breasts.  Amy  felt  a sense of pride and of
belonging  when  she  saw the key next to her lover's heart. Miss
Edwards  help  up  her  panties  for  inspection.  The crotch was
soaking wet. She turned them inside out and folded them until she
found a dry spot. She walked back behind Amy. She first mopped up
the  little  puddle  of  goo  that had landed on the carpeting of
table.  She  then  proceeded  to  wipe Amy's vagina dry. It was a
hopeless  effort.  The more she wiped Amy's exposed genitals, the
more  moisture Amy secreted. Miss Edwards Kept wiping and folding
the panties until there were no dry places left.

She  walked back and stood beside Amy's head, holding the panties
in  her  left  hand, and said "Time for the rest of your caning."
She  picked  up  the  ball gag with her right hand and said "Open
up."  Amy  open  her  mouth  expecting  the  ball to be inserted.
Instead,  Miss  Edwards  stuffed the soaking wet panties into her
young  lover's mouth. Miss Edwards held the panties in place with
a  finger  until  the  scarf was again tied securely around Amy's
head.  Miss  Edwards  watched the expression on Amy's face as she
tasted  their  combined  love  juices. Amy looked up at her naked
lover.  Miss  Edwards looked back at Amy's face and saw pure love
in  her  eyes.  Miss  Edwards  smiled warmly at Amy, puckered her
lips,  blew  Amy  a  kiss,  and positioned herself to the left of
Amy's  glowing  buttocks.  She measured off her distance with the
cane, brought it back, and gave Amy's exposed bottom a good lick.
This was a harder stroke than the other six had been. Amy let out
a  muffled  squeal, and her bottom gyrated. Miss Edwards watch as
the  welt  sprang to life. It was much larger and darker than the
other six. Amy's bottom continued to wiggle. She moved her bottom
from  one  side  to the other as she first tried to lift one knee
and then the other.

When  Amy  again  became  still,  Miss Edwards looked at her face
carefully.  She  wanted  to  make sure that the stroke wasn't too
hard.  She  had  nothing to worry about. Amy's forehead was again
pressed  down  on  the  carpet  with  her eyes closed; she wasn't
trying to plead. Miss Edwards noticed that the pool of goo on the
table  below Amy's genitals was growing. It took only two more of
those  moderately  hard strokes for Amy to achieve her orgasm. As
Amy's   spasms   started,  Miss  Edwards  dropped  the  cane  and
vigorously  rubbed  her  own  clit.  It  took only two seconds of
rubbing for Miss Edwards' orgasm to explode. Miss Edwards dropped
down  on her knees to the floor and enjoyed the waves of pleasure
wash  over  her  body as she watched Amy's welted bottom and clit
twitch  with  orgasm. She also saw Amy's sphincter muscle move in
and out as she spasmed.

After  few  minutes of rest, Miss Edwards got up and untied Amy's
gag  and removed the panties. Amy had her head turned to the left
with  the  right  side  of her face resting on the carpeting. Amy
said  "Oh, Miss Edwards, that was wonderful!". Miss Edwards knelt
down  and  tenderly  kissed Amy on her left cheek. She then moved
her  mouth  to Amy's left ear and whispered "I love you." Amy was
filled  with  pride and joy. She whispered back "I love you too."
Miss  Edwards  said "I really enjoyed your naughty game. This was
the  best surprise I've ever had." Amy said "I was really getting
scared  when  you didn't show up at 5:00." Miss Edwards explained
what  had happened. Miss Edwards was correct about the unanswered
phone  call.  Amy  had  tied  herself  up  when she got home from
school, before 4:00.

Miss Edwards got up and walked to Amy's behind. Amy said, "Aren't
you  going  to  untie  me?" Miss Edwards said, "No, not just yet.
There's  something  I must do first." Amy was puzzled, what could
there  be left to do? Amy soon found out. Miss Edwards knelt down
behind  Amy's  beautifully  exposed  vagina and planted her mouth
down  on  Amy's sopping wet labial lips. Amy squealed in delight.
Miss  Edwards  then  went to work on Amy's vagina with her tongue
lapping away at it like a thirsty dog drinking water. Amy swooned
and  again  laid  her forehead down on the carpeting. She enjoyed
the  deliciously  naughty  feeling  of her teacher's tongue as it
worked  away on her private parts. It took less than a minute for
Amy  to  reach  her  orgasm. "That's what I've been wanting to do
since  I  first walked through that door and saw you there!" said
Miss  Edwards. Amy giggled and was happy that she had pleased her
teacher and lover.

Miss Edwards pulled the gold necklace over her head, inserted the
golden  key  into  the  padlock  and  unlocked Amy. She undid the
Velcro strips which bound her legs. Amy stiffly got up off of the
table.  She  had  been  bound  in that position for more than two
hours.  She  stretched her arms and legs. It felt good to be able
to  move  again.  Amy  stood  admiring  her striped bottom in the
mirror, running her fingers across the welts and feeling the heat
in her cheeks. Amy threw her arms around her teacher; they hugged
and  kissed  each  other.  Miss  Edwards  led Amy to the exercise
table.  Miss  Edwards  laid  down  on  her back on the table, and
spread  her  legs  wide apart. Amy needed no further instruction.
She  knelt  down  between Miss Edwards' legs and placed her mouth
and  tongue  into Miss Edwards' wet vagina. Amy worked her tongue
on  Miss  Edward's  clit. It didn't take long for Miss Edwards to
orgasm.  After  Miss  Edwards'  orgasm  subsided,  Amy started in
again.  Miss  Edwards enjoyed four intense orgasms before she was
too drained to continue.
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